Yahoo’s New Look

Yahoo! recently launch a newly re-designed home page that features a cleaner layout and a better showcase for advertisers. The new-look Yahoo! Search page also has new features that include:

* More relevant, comprehensive results 
* Cleaner, easier to use interface 
* A new search start page 
* Image search 
* Customizable preferences 
* Timesaving shortcuts for news, yellow pages and maps

The home page overhaul comes as the Web portal has introduced pronounced changes throughout the site, adding fees to services that had previously been offered for free and placing large, animated ads in popular areas such as finance, sports, news and e-mail, among others.

Yahoo! Search now offers a new search page that has 5 tabs on the left of the page. These include Directory, Yellow Pages, News, Images and Maps.These are quick and simple options that helps focus the search.

Yahoo! New look now offers the option of Related Searches that help to refine a search. Here, Yahoo! recommends additional searches to try.

Also, Yahoo! Now offers a new icon in the “Open in New Browser Window”. This appears just beside the title of the site. Clicking on this icon will enable searchers to view individual results in a new window, while keeping the search results page open.

The new-look of Yahoo! search results now displays 20 listings per page. These results are provided by the search engine Google. Earlier, upon searching for a particular keyword, Yahoo showed only 10 search results per page. This new look by Yahoo! packs in much more information in one page itself, and also allows surfers to have a larger number of choices when searching.

Also, the new-look of Yahoo! search results has now started to show the cached pages of each result that it displays. A text link that reads “cached” takes the surfer to the earlier version of the current web page. This is similar to the “cached” link which Google displays for its own search results.

Yahoo! Search gets its web results from Google marketing. Currently, Yahoo updates its results from Google much faster than before.

Additionally, Yahoo has now started displaying some sponsored results from Overture, the pay-per-click search engine. While some Sponsored Results appear above the web results fom Google, a few of them also appear below the web results.

For some of the search queries, 4 sponsored results from Overture appear above the web results from Google, while 2 sponsored listings are seen below the web results. For other search queries, 2 sponsored listings appear above the web results and 3 other sponsored listing can be seen below the web results from Google.

Sponsor Results are the same listings as the earlier “Sponsor Matches.” Only the name is new. These are paid listings provided by Overture Services, Inc. that appear on Yahoo! Search results pages. Yahoo! Says that the Sponsor Results will be seen only when they’re relevant to the specific search terms that have been used. For example, if you search for “search engine optimization”, you’ll see Sponsor Results for web sites that provide information about or sell search engine optimization services. The Yahoo! Search results page separates Sponsor Results from all the other results on the page so that you can tell them apart.